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Help the Poor in Haiti get Access to Quality Health Care

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The Klinik Mobil Medical ambulance travels to remote areas to provide access to health care.

Lack of safe roads and transportation in the mountains of rural Haiti makes access to health care impossible for many living here. For this reason, the Cloud Foundation operates the Klinik Mobil Medical ambulance that travels to two alternating remote areas twice monthly. Medical care, vaccinations, medications, screening and support are delivered with compassion and care. Between 200-300 patients are seen during each visit; patients that would otherwise receive care without this mobile clinic. The clinic provides villagers who cannot come to the clinic in town with a consistent vaccination program, HIV/AIDS screening, and a public health program addressing: nutrition, hygiene, pre- and post-natal care and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

The clinic presently utilizes volunteer doctors, nurses, aids and drivers who are sometimes paid a nominal honorarium. The monthly cost of each trip is $750, including medicine. This means that for only $3,000 dollars a month or $36,000 for the entire year, children and families who are in desperate need of medical attention and care will be served.

The continued need to raise funds to bring much needed health care, health education and preventative measures to remote and difficult to access mountain communities is evident.