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Donate to Install Solar Power on Centre Medical de Delmas 31

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Most rural Haitian school children attend schools with no electricity leaving them without power for lighting, computers, internet, printers and more. This has huge implications on their education. Without lighting they have very limited reading and studying times, without computers they cannot learn computer skills, without internet they are cut off from a world of free teaching tools and resources, without printers it is very difficult for teachers to create critical educational materials.

This project will provide solar-electric power to one middle school, providing 350 Haitian children with a better education in the first year and 100 additional children every year thereafter. It is expected that extended learning time, access to computers and to the internet, and an increased amount and quality of printed materials will greatly improve the level of education for these students, which will give them the tools them to lift themselves out of poverty.

The Cloud Foundation will monitor the the overall education system at the school. An improvement in educational scores determine which students are selected for advanced education, which in turn largely determines their level of poverty. Increasing the number of students going on to higher education will benefit the whole community economically. These electricity systems will be maintained and will benefit generations of students.