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Help Build Klinik Mobil Medical Equipment and Supplies

$ 6000

The Cloud Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Haitian communities by donating medical supplies and equipment.

Haiti urgently needs emergency food and medical supplies, thousands of citizens are still severely affected, with inadequate medical care, shelter, food, and drinking water, while some remote communities remain cut off and inaccessible. These conditions have caused deteriorating health conditions among people in heavily impacted and remote areas. Women, men, and children are in a very vulnerable position, local and volunteer medical teams are concerned with the heightened risk of infectious diseases, cholera, and a deteriorating nutritional status of children under the age of five in isolated areas.

Mobile clinics play a crucial role in providing both medical care and treatment and ready-to-use therapeutic food. Medical supplies and kits have been generously provided by community members across the United States and the Cloud Foundation, a humanitarian aid organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for communities by donating medical supplies and equipment globally.

How You’re Donation Can Help

A shipment container is departing from Washington, D.C. on Saturday the XXth of June. Is it our hope to successfully ship four barrels of medical supplies to St. Jean Sud and Les Cayes, two remotes communities, who are in desperate need of medical assistance. Our mobile clinics will assist a combined population of 3,000 people, in addition to offering educational information on malaria and cholera. Thus far we have distributed hygiene kits and supplies to over 500 families.

The Breakdown

The total amount required for shipment is 1200 dollars, this includes 800 for all barrels in addition to the cost of the barrel 50 dollar each, a pick-up fee of 25  dollars and a 175 dollar fee to transport of all supplies and equipment to local volunteers in Haiti.

Please consider donating today and sharing this campaign with others, our successful efforts together will assist those greatly impacted and displaced by Hurricane Matthew.